Loan Programs

At Loan Wolf Capital we like to keep things straightforward so we can fund your loan quickly. See the guide below for an idea of how the process works or click on one of our loan programs to learn more.


Putting our borrower first and exuding outstanding customer service gives our team instant gratification! Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We are excited to help you prosper by financing your next great project! 


Ideal for those rehabbing and revamping property or in need of a quick closing.


Efficiently and easily fund any stage of your construction project.


Great for holding properties as rentals for longer time periods.


Perfect for wholesalers seeking to sell property with a double escrow.

Send Us The Property Information

Send us the details of your property once you’ve found it! We will typically ask for the address, purchase price and rehab budget. No credit checks or qualifying needed and we base our loans only on the value of your asset.

Do The Numbers Add Up?

We underwrite all deals in house making certain to submit final loan terms in a prompt manner! Loan Wolf Capital relys on our first-hand local knowledge instead of using outside appraisers which can be expensive and time consuming.

Get Funded In Less Than A Week

We are sure to make this process as simple as possible so we’re typically able to have your loan funded in less than 1 week! If you decide to move forward with us on your next great deal, we will order title insurance and create loan documents.

Fix It Up. Sell Your Property. Make A Big Profit

At Loan Wolf Capital we love seeing our borrowers flourish and we feel instant satisfaction going the extra mile to help make things happen for you! Now is time to reap the benefits of your hard work!

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